Tuesday, January 24, 2012


With all the "new's" our family is going through right now, I thought now would be the perfect time for a new blog! So as of this moment, you can find us at! See you on the flipside!

Bittersweet goodbye...

At the end of this wonderful year, we also said goodbye to our cute little house on 500 South. As I drove away for the last time, I couldn't help feeling a little emotional about moving on from this house that has been our home for the past five years. I remember me and Coby moving in, just the two of us, and working our BUTTS off fixing it up. I don't know how many nights we sat on the floor, covered in paint and whatever else eating some form of fast food while taking a short break from our work. I keep picturing the day we brought Mae, our very first baby, home from the hospital to this house and Coby taking her on a tour of the house and showing her the bedroom we had worked so hard on for her. And then subsequently, bringing Lu and Emme home here as well. This home is where ALL my babies were newborns in and I can't help feeling a little teary-eyed even now thinking how we have moved on from that stage of our lives. While I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for our new home, I haved LOVED all the memories we have had here and will forever be grateful for this wonderful home and time we had with our girls.


Before the year was over, don't you know it, the whole family got sick! Taking advantage of Nana and Papa's big jetted tub (they'll probably die when they see this) I loaded the tub up with bubbles and me, Lu and Mae tried to soak away our colds...and I think it helped! The girls were fascinated with all the bubbles and we had a BLAST!

Sick or not, who can pass up a Santa impersonation with these bubbles!

Thanks to the big tub, our colds passed fairly quickly and we were on the MEND!


Our sweet little Emme turned four months old this month! I cannot believe it has been that long since she joined our family and yet it feels like she has always been a part of us. I swear with each child the time just goes faster and faster! I want to yell for it to SLOW DOWN and and let me keep my girls just like this for a little longer. I found a quote on my newest addiction, Pinterest, and when I read it I almost cried with the thought. There are days when I feel completely overwhelmed with three little ones, 3 years old and under, the house work and my transcription, but I dread the day when I wake up and they are all grown and gone.

There are days when I feel completely overwhelmed wtih three little ones, 3 years old and under (four kids if I count the BIG one I share a bed with) all the house work, the no sleep AND to top it all off, my transcription, BUT I dread the day when I will wake up and they are all grown and gone.

When we took Em to her 4 month appointment, they weighed her and *BIG SUPRISE* she is getting in line right behind her sisters and measures in at the whopping 4th %! When I look at those adorably chubby cheeks, her little rolls in her thighs and her little Buddha belly, I find that so hard to believe, but alas, it is so! She is a healthy and happy baby though and what more could I ask for? She has truly been such a blessing in our home. She has the sweetest spirit and I think she was sent to be the peacemaker in our family. Now that she is here, I cannot imagine what we'd do without her presence in our home. We are so lucky to have you Miss Em! (You gotta love the pigtails!)


Christmas morning came early this year --as it does every year with Nana! Me and Coby had ended up taking Emme and Lu back to Nana's and Papa's (our home for right now) as Lu was having a rough night and wasn't able to sleep very well. Mae stayed all snuggled in her sleeping bag next her cousins for the night. Around 6:45am we got THE call that it was time! We rushed back over to the hotel for the opening of the presents to begin! Even Emme was a little dumbfounded as to why we were up sooooo early! While we were still at the hotel everyone got to open the stockings from Nana's and Papa's before we headed our different ways to open the REST of the presents!

Lu showing off her new sunglasses...Don't you love her morning-after-a-bad-night look? I'm pretty sure Mom looked about the same--thank goodnes we don't have any pictures of that!

Mae and her sunglasses...

Em joined right in-- with a little help...pretty sure that stocking is bigger than she is!

NEW SHOWS!!! Mae got "Snow White" and Lu got "the Lion King" (Holy hair Lu!)

Lu and her new warm, fuzzy and PINK gloves!

All the grandkids, including Emme and Nana way in the back!

After that, our family headed back to Nana's and Papa's and what do you know--SANTA FOUND US!!! What a RELIEF!!!

Mae rushed right in, with Lu close on her heels to dive right in!

Mae inspecting her new Innotab Santa brought her...she kept calling it her pink i-pad! She was so thrilled that Santa had brought her just was she had asked for!

Miss Emme, with Lu's help, opening her presents!

Our ever-attentive Lu taking good care of her baby sis

I seriously don't think she could any sweeter! Just look at that sweet smile! It makes my heart melt!


After we had opened all the presents, the girls saw that Santa had eaten the treats they had left for him and wrote them a little note! They were THRILLED!

After Santa's and mom and dad's presents Nana and Papa joined us back here and the girls got to open the REST of the presents from them! Wow--are these girls spoined or what?

As previously mentioned (ie her birthday party) Lu LOVES E.T. and Nana and Papa found her an old vintage E.T. figurine doll. We probably should have left it in the plastic, but what fun is that when Lu loves him so? Awww, kisses for E.T...I hope that little alien knows how lucky he is! It is unbelievable that she is my child--E.T. totally grosses me out!

If that isn't the cutest hat, I'll never know what is! She'll need that with out sub-zero temperatures!

Mae even got her own princess guitar so daddy can teach her how to play!

Nana and Papa also found these great pink bin/ottoman things for the girls to store their toys in, and Luey's case-- climb on!

I have felt so blessed this Christmas season for all my many blessings. We are so excited for the exciting changes we are going through and are grateful for such giving parents to let us stay in their house while we transition into our new home. I definitely don't deserve all that I have been given: three such WONDERFUL daughters, such a GREAT husband to be my girls' dad-- and my best friend--and such an AMAZING family! We are truly so blessed!

Christmas Eve

When we got to the hotel for Christmas Eve we all decided to take advantage of an indoor pool and do some swimming in the middle of winter! They girls were BEYOND excited! I got out Emme's little swimsuit that had been passed down from Mae to Lu and then Lu to Em and was so excited to get one last use out of it. She looked so cute with those little chubby legs and tummy that I had to get a few pix of her.

This is her "What the heck are you doing to me?"

And here's my happy girl ready to go swimming!

I didn't take my camera down to the pool, but we all had so much fun! Mae and Lu went WILD with their daddy (big surprise)! Mae is a little timid, but Lu had ZERO fear of the water--we are gonna have to get that chick in swimming lessons STAT! Me and Em hung out in the hot tub and she is her momma's girl! She LOVED it! She was so relaxed up against me that I kept thinking she had fallen asleep.

When we got back to the room, IT WAS TIME FOR PRESENTS!!! Nana and Papa had brought a few presents for the kids to open on Christmas Eve and they were READY!

The five big kids--all naked and anxiously awaiting their presents!

All the grandkids naked no more and dressed in their new jammies! (You have NO idea how long it took to get a semi-decent picture of all these wild kids!)

Emme in her new pj's just chillin' with Dad

And now onto more presents...

Mae and Lu opening up their new PRINCESS sleeping bags!

Once Mae figured out what it was, she planted herself in it and didn't move!

Lu, and her funny face, trying her's out for the first time.

Once everyone was all situated, Papa the Elf read the "Night Before Christmas" to all the kids.


After the we got the kids all tucked in and settled down with a new movie, the adults went in the adjoining room and played a little Christmas BINGO for some serious prizes! Coby was the *GRAND* winner and I'm so glad he has to share all his prizes with ME!!!

We had SUCH a WONDERFUL Christmas Eve night at the hotel with our WONDERFUL, FUN-FILLED FAMILY! Thanks Nana and Papa for such a GREAT night!